A message from Anonymous

For what in your life did you have fight most?


To stay in a relationship for five years at 600km apart. Now we live together :)


Hassan Massoudy(Iraqi, b.1944)

here and here

Interesting typography

One of Thien’s parakeets (the yellow and green one) suddenly died today. He didn’t seem ill before, at least in my very untrained eyes. It’s so horrible, although I didn’t like him much anyway. I just can’t bear it with animals die.


Brushpen Styles

Amazing brushpen styles mad eby Voltio Studio from London. Three friends with three characteristics - Ink, brushes and strength find theirselfes in a constant evolution, where the different curiosities and interests of each of them, come together to create a unique blend for each of its projects, which came from places like Spain, Canada, USA, UK or South America. Enjoy their work.

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